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Three for the Price of One

Instead of just getting one review today, I have three reviews.  They are all from Nalini Singh's Psy-Changling Series, two novellas, Declaration of Courtship and Texture of Intimacy and one novel Heart of Obsidian.
Declaration of Courtship (Psy-Changeling, #9.5)

Declaration of Courtship is the story of Cooper, a SnowDancer leutinant, and Grace, a submissive wolf.  The story takes place between Play of Passion and Kiss of Snow.

Cooper has had the hots for Grace since she arrived to his part of SnowDancer territory.  He has been restraining himself for six months and can wait no longer to make his move.  He knows he has to go slow because she is a true submissive and he doesn't want to scare her.

Grace has fantasy about Cooper, but knows nothing will come of it.  She is caught completely off guard when Cooper declares his intentions for her.

They must work through their place in the pack in order and how to trust each other to make their love work.

What I liked most about this story was the way it explained better the hierarchy in the pack.  I really like Grace will submissive she was still strong.

Texture of Intimacy (Psy-Changeling, #10.5)

Texture of Intimacy is the story of Walker and Laura and takes place between Kiss of Snow and Tangle of Need.

Walker Judd is a psy who Silence was never perfect, but he has never felt the way he does now about Laura.

Laura is the SnowDancer healer who gave her heart to Walker long before he was ready to give into his emotions for her.

They must learn how to deal with their new found love.

This one was a really sweet little love story.  I liked seeing how Walker and Laura learned to deal with their feels.  I really liked their relationship with Walker's daughter, Marlee, and his nephew, Toby.  It provided for some really great family moments.

Heart of Obsidian  (Psy-Changeling, #12)

Heart of Obsidian is the newest novel in Psy-Changling series, and in it we finally get the truth about former Psy Councilor Kaleb.  In the few books before this one, Ms. Singh has hinted at Kaleb having a bigger goals than he shows outwardly.

For seven years Kaleb has been searching for the most important person to him.  When he finds her, he is not sure she is entirely sane anymore, but he will make those who took her from him pay for what they did.

Sahara is a member of the NightStar Psy clan who is a designated a backseer, but she is much more than that.  She never really condition to Silence, and as a child befriended the lonely Tk Psy who was abused by his guardian.   For year she locked her mind into a labyrinth so that her captors could not use her.  Now she has been rescued by a dark, dangerous man, but in her heart she knows she can trust him.

I love Kaleb, just going to a head and throw that out there.  He is dark and broody, but would move mountains for the woman he loves.  While his moral compass maybe a bit askew, many times he does the right thing.   Oh and we learn that Kaleb was the Psy child that saved Annie, Stoke of Enticement, when the bullet she as on as a child de-railed.

Sahara love for life is infectious.  I love her philosophy on the right way to use her powers, never do anything you would be ashamed to tell your kids. She really is the light to Kaleb's darkness.

Bonus to this book, we finally learn who The Ghost is.  The plot was great, and the ending will definitely be turning the Psy world on its head.  I can't wait to see where the series continues to go from here.

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