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Another Reason Not to Trust the Fey

Ritual Magic (World of the Lupi, #10)

Ritual Magic is the latest book is Eileen Wilks' Lupi series.  It is one of my favorite series with great characters and plots in all the books.  This book includes all my favorites in it at some point.

At Lily's mother's birthday celebration, her mother, Julia, suddenly can't remember anything past her twelfth birthday.  Lily knows there is magic at work her, but it feels different from the magic she is used to dealing with.  When Cullen arrives, he confirms her suspicions that the magic is more of spirit influence that normal magic.

Lily soon learns that her mother was not the only one affected by the memory loss.  Drummond is back, and tells her she is fighting two enemies this time around, Friar with his fey artifact and something new and more dangerous.  She also learns because the magic is more spirit, that her Gift does not protect her from its affects.

She and Rule, with the help of many of their friends, must stop their enemies, both old and new, from tearing apart their world.

I simply adore Rule and Lily's relationship in these books.  Their love is beautiful, and they just seem so right for each other.  I like how they know just how to comfort the other in their time of need.

This a book had some really good plot points in them, but I have to say that I figured out pretty quick who was working with the new enemy in the book.  If you really thought about it, it was obvious.  I did like that this book allowed all my favorites back, and we got to see some of them in a new light, like Benedict and his worry over Nettie.

So there are rumors that this was the last book of the Lupi series.  I cannot confirm that on Ms. Wilks website, in fact it looks like she plans of writing more.  I really hope that this one was not the end because I still have questions and she left some pretty open points like what happened to Friar.  It seems like a bad idea to end the series, and leave the fate of the main antagonist up the air.

Loved Ritual Magic, just hope there are more books.

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