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Shifting Shadows

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson

Shifting Shadows is a collection of short stories from Patricia Briggs world of Mercy Thompson.  I have read a couple before, Seeing Eye and Alpha and Omega, so I will not be reviewing those.

Silver: Story of the first meeting between Samuel and Ariana.

The Breakdown:
1. I loved that in this story Briggs gives not only how Samuel and Ariana meet, but of Bran and Samuel's captivity with the witch, Bran's mother.

Fairy Gifts: Thomas, a vampire, saves a Fae and she repays him with a wonderful gift.  Years later he is able to repay her gift.

The Breakdown:
1.  Thomas is an interesting vampire, who is turned to be his father's enforcer in his beginning, and he ends up with interesting gifts because of his saving of a powerful Fae's daughter.

2. Proves once again that the Fae are untrustworthy, even when dealing with their own. It is always interesting to see how well an author can have the Fae avoid the truth without out right lying.

Gray: Elyna's Mistress is no longer living, and with the ties broken she returns home to Chicago and to memories of her life before being a vampire.

The Breakdown:
1. I loved this story because it shows that some vampires never wanted to be what they are. Elyna was taken and turned against her will, and missing nothing more than her life with Jack, her husband.

2. This story goes a long way to show that true love cannot be effected by evil.  Plus I love the love Elyna develops for those humans she considers family.

The Star of David: David confronts his past regrets as he comes to the aid of his daughter.

The Breakdown:
1. I like that this story explains why David hates being a werewolf so much.

2.  It is was touching to see the father and daughter rebuild the bonds that had been broken so many years before.

Roses in Winter: Kara's story after she moves to Montana to join the Marrok's pack.

The Breakdown:
1. I really likes Asil, the Moor, character in the Alpha and Omega series, and this story made me love him even more.  He is kind and patient with Kara, and I think she has given him something to live for despite his protest.

2.  I liked Kara's character.  She is a frightened child but she is determined too.  She has a way of worming her way not only into Asil's heart, but Bran, Leah, and Devon's too.

In Red, with Pearls: Story focused on Warren and Kyle.

The Breakdown:
1. This was probably my favorite story of the collection.  I have loved Warren since the beginning of the Mercy Thompson series, and I think he and Kyle make a fantastic couple.

2.  This story has a little bit of mystery to it which is always a plus.  And I think it goes a long way to in helping Warren and Kyle have a closer relationship.

Redemption: Ben's story and how he is changing since becoming part of Adam's pack.

The Breakdown:
1. Briggs has always hinted that Ben has had a rough past, and in this story she gives his story finally. Which honestly was a little darker than I had originally expected, but it explains so much about him.

2.  This story always show how he has changed since being with Adam.  He still very rough around the edges, but he is learning to protect others.

Hollow: Mercy is called to rid someone of a ghost haunting them.

The Breakdown:
1. I always love seeing Mercy at work with her senses and powers.  She has a big heart, and does what it takes to help.

2. I always love reading scenes with Mercy and Adam. They are one of my favorite couples because they are equals in their partnership.

Outtake from Silver Borne: Reunion between Samuel and Ariana.

The Breakdown:
1. Since Silver started this book, it was nice that Briggs came full circle with the reunion and rekindling of the relationship between Samuel and Ariana.

Outtake from Night Broken: Adam at the hospital with Mercy at the end

The Breakdown:
1. Loved the scene between Adam and Coyote where Coyote wants to know if Adam is brave enough for Mercy.

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