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So I am little behind on my review updates since I have been on a Internal Medicine rotation and haven't had time to write them.  The upside is I will probably get three reviews out this weekend. Without further ado, the first review.
Endlessly (Paranormalcy, #3)

Endlessy by Keirsten White is the final book in her Paranormalcy trilogy.

In Endlessy, pink-loving, butt-kicking Evie has way too much on her to-do list.  Paranormals are begging her to open a faerie gate so they can leave the human world, something Evie's not sure she has the power to do.  The Dark Queen is torturing humans and must be destroyed.

On top of all that, Evie's prom is coming up.  She's not sure what to wear, and oh, yeah, her shape-sifting boyfriend, Lend, has been cursed so that he falls into an enchanted sleep whenever he and Evie are in the same room... and even Evie's ex-boyfriend, the faerie Reth, can't reverse the dark magic.

An epic battle is looming, and the choices Evie makes will determine the fate of the whole paranormal world- and her own life.

The Breakdown:
1. Honestly, I was worried how this book was going to go since the second book, Supernatually, was a bit of a drag.  Thankfully, White improved and returned to the storyline and characters that made me like the first book.  This book really brought everything together, including how most paranormals came into exist on Earth.

2. I start to really feel Evie's frustration in this book. It seems that everyone wants something from her, and instead of talking to her about it they manipulate her into doing it. I do feel that Evie starts to grow as a person in this book, and it makes me like her even more.

3. So Jack makes it back in this book, and he does redeem himself for that crap he did in Supernaturally. I found that I enjoyed his antics more in this book because I knew his true character from the beginning, and it did not feel as though they were just dragging out the story.

4. All in all I thought White did a good job of concluding the trilogy.  She answered questions and solved the issues that had come up in the previous books.

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