Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Tower of Dawn

Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass, #6)

Tower of Dawn is the newest book is Sarah J. Maas's Throne of Glass series.

Chaol Westfall has always defined himself by his unwavering loyalty, his strength, and his position as the Captain of the Guard. But all of that has changed since the glass castle shattered, since his men were slaughtered, since the King of Adarlan spared him from a killing blow, but left his body broken.

His only shot at recovery lies with the legendary healers of the Torre Cesme in Antica—the stronghold of the southern continent's mighty empire. And with war looming over Dorian and Aelin back home, their survival might lie with Chaol and Nesryn convincing its rulers to ally with them.

But what they discover in Antica will change them both—and be more vital to saving Erilea than they could have imagined.

The Breakdown:
1.  This book takes place at the same time as Empire of Storms,  and is Chaol and Nesryn's story during this time.  I will freely admit that I was feeling a little Chaol hate after Queen of Shadows, but this book made me fall in love with him all over again.  Plus, I loved getting to finally see the Southern Continent and learn about it.

2.  I love that Maas brings back Yrene Towers from The Assassin and the Healer story.  And I simply adored Yrene.  She was strong and smart, and did not take any of Chaol's crap and made him face his demons.  Watching her and Chaol's love story develop was fantastic, from animosity to tentative friendship to love.  Her defense to Chaol to Hasar, one of the princesses of the Southern Continent, was probably my favorite scene of the book.

3.  I am so glad Nesryn got her own story in this book.  I enjoyed her character in Queen of Shadows, and seeing her further developed made me like her even more. Her relationship with Sartaq was fun to watch.  The prince, who seems to have quite the crush on her from the beginning, is definitely a good match for her.

4. Holy Cow, the information that Maas dropped in this book pretty much blew my mind.   I may or may not have dropped my book when I read that part.  Oh, and the last chapter just killed me.  Here is to hoping the year goes by quickly so I can read the next book soon.

To Read or Not to Read:
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