Thursday, 7 January 2016

Speaking in Bones

Speaking in Bones (Temperance Brennan, #18)

Speaking in Bones in the newest of Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan series.

Professionally, Temperance Brennan knows exactly what to do- test, analyze, identify.  Her personal life is another story.  She's at a loss, wondering how to answer police detective Andrew Ryan's marriage proposal.  But the matter of matrimony takes a backseat when murder rears its head.

Hazel "Lucky" Strike- a strident amateur detective who mines the Internet for cold cases- comes to Brennan with a tape recording of an unknown girl being held prisoner and terrorized.  Strike is convinced the voice is that of eighteen-year-old Cora Teague, who went missing more than three years earlier.  Strike is also certain that the teenager's remains are gathering dust in Temperance Brennan's lab.

Brennan has doubts about working with a self-styled web-sleuth.  But when the evidence seems to add up, Brennan's next stop is the treacherous backwoods where the chilling recording (and maybe Cora Teague's bones) were discovered.  Her forensic field trip only turns up more disturbing questions- along with gruesome proof of more untimely deaths.

While local legends of eerie nocturnal phenomena and sinister satanic cults abound, it's a zealous and secretive religious sect that has Brennan spooked and struggling to separate the saints from the sinners.  But there's nothing, including fire and brimstone, that can distract her from digging up the truth and taking down a killer- even as Brennan finds herself in a place where angels fear to tread, devils demand their due, and she may be damned no matter what.

The Breakdown:
1. I love that Reichs writes fast pace books that keep me guessing until the end.  I also love that she does take time to explain the science behind the findings in the book.  As a science nerd, I really do love this part.

2. I find that Tempe is a wonderfully flawed character.  She has baggage, insecurities, and weakness just life every normal person. Although, a times her impulsiveness, i.e her not waiting for back up, does make me crazy.  I would think someone as smart as her would learn after how many times she has been taken/hurt in these situations.

3. One thing that bothered me about this book, is the reference to Bones and its influence on people.  Since the show is technically based on the books and the main character has the same name in both, it just feels weird to me.

4.  I have to say that this book has one of the best twist of the series on what happened to Cora Teague and who is the killer.  I did not see that coming.

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