Saturday, 1 February 2014

Til Death Do Us Part, and Then Some

Elegy (Hereafter #3)

Elegy is the last novel in Tara Hudson's Hereafter trilogy.  Amelia is dead, and after the events in Arise, she has become a Risen ghost.  The love of her life or death, depending on how you look at it, is Joshua Mayhew.  The boy she rescued from death in Hereafter, who happens to come from a long line of Seers and can touch her when no one else can.

Amelia has been issued an ultimatum by the demonic forces of the Netherworld, join them or someone dies every week until she does.  She is so shaken by this, that along with Joshua, Jillian, and Scott, she attempts to destroy High Bridge.  Of course it can't be that easy, and it only serves to tick off the demons.  They begin going after those she cares about, starting with Serena, who was her best friend while she was living.

Amelia know she has to do something drastic, or a lot more people will die.  She even enlist the help of Ruth Mayhew, despite their mutual dislike of each other.  Unfortunately that does not go well either.  As Amelia tries to think of some way to stop the demons, she approached by those of the Light and asked to join them.  In fact, she learns that the powers she has to harm the demonic forces are because of the Higher Powers of the Light.

She is faced with a heartbreaking choices, join the Netherworld where she will certainly suffer, join the Light and never see Joshua again, or remain as she is and watch those she loves dies.  She wants to make her choice on her own terms, and save those she loves both dead and alive.

Kudos to Ms. Hudson on a fantastic ending to this trilogy.  It could have gone so wrong, in so many ways, but it was great.  I was terribly worried that it would in end some ridiculous way that made no sense at all, but it was just perfect and made complete sense.  Not going to lie, it was a bittersweet ending, but believable and worked so well with the story.

Amelia is such a wonderful character.  She refuses to allow others to dictate her fate to her.  She goes about solving the problems she faces on her own terms, and that makes her strong and likable character.  She is loyal and caring, which the demons view as a weakness, but it is her greatest strength.

Can I just take a minute to talk about how much I love Joshua.  He is romantic, loyal, and always knows the right things to say.  He is so good at reading Amelia, and knows what she needs, sometimes before she even knows.  Not that he doesn't do dumb things at times, like in Arise the who making Amelia Risen without her consent, but he never does them out of maliciousness.

The Hereafter trilogy is one I definitely recommend.  It is well written, great characters, and Arise's setting is so wonderfully New Orleans, so beautifully depicted in the written word, you almost can smell the beignets.

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