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Last Grain of Sand in the Hourglass

Infinityglass (Hourglass, #3)

The third and final book of Myra McEntire's Hourglass trilogy is Infinityglass.  Warning, this review will contain spoilers from Hourglass and Timepiece.

At the end of Timepiece, we learned that the Infinityglass was not an object as everyone thought, but a person, and that person is located in New Orleans.  The book switches between Dune, Hourglass's resident tech and the person with the most knowledge about the Infinityglass, and Hallie, who is the Infinityglass, as the narrators.

Hallie is has lead a very isolated life.  Her father, the head of Chronos, is part mob boss, part thief, and he fears for her safety, especially since when she was younger there was an attempt made on her life. She escapes in her dance and by going on Chronos jobs with her best friend, Poe.  After one job goes wrong, Poe is forced to teleport Hallie to save them, and since then things have been changing for Hallie.  Since she has the power to transmutate, change her appearance at will and she heals much faster, her powers get better after the incident and she is healing much faster.

Dune has the ability to control the tides and water, a power he has a healthy fear of since the tragedy of his childhood.  He is super tech savy, and knows more about the Infinityglass than anyone else at Hourglass.  He is a little shocked to find out that it is a person, not a thing.  Despite his fear of water, he agrees to go to New Orleans to help protector the Infinityglass from Jack and Teague.  He is a little bowled over by Hallie, while he tries to maintain his distance, it is obvious that will not happen because not only is he attracted to her, but she won't let him.

The rips are becoming more aggressive, and begin to possess Hallie because of what she is.  Dune and Hallie must find a way for her to control her powers and heal the time continuum before Jack and Teague can use Hallie for their own purposes.

I loved Hallie from the beginning.  She is smart and sassy.  And bonus points for when Poe calls her his companion, she ask to by Amy Pond, who is my favorite companion on Doctor Who.  I like that despite how isolated Hallie has been that she still has big dreams of doing more that what is expected of her.  Her beginning interactions with Dune are great as she tries to get a reaction out of him.  I love that she is a loving and caring person despite how horrible her mother has been to her.

I was a little unsure of how having Dune being the main character was going to go in this book.  He just seemed so background in the Hourglass and Timepiece that I never developed strong feelings for him.  That said, I really did like him.  He was a real sweet guy, and smart to top that.  He was a great partner for Hallie, and together they did well in bring out each other's strengths.

I enjoyed this book.  It was fast paced, and answered any lingering questions I had from the first two books.  Ms. McEntire added in some excellent plot twist, and while I didn't see them coming, they were not unrealistic in nature.  Plus I love all her geek references including Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Supernatural.

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